Wind Swept Farms is family owned and operated by the Enz family in Hollister, CA. Each family member contributes to the farming, picking, drying, cutting, packaging, and selling of delicate and delicious Blenheim apricots.

Believed to have originated in China more than 4000 years ago, the Blenheim made its way to Europe. A very special seedling was planted in the Luxembourg Gardens in 1815 and given the name Royal. A man named Shipley was the head gardener at Blenheim Palace. He gave a seed to his daughter, who planted it and called the fruit Shipley’s Blenheim. So though the Royal comes out of France and the Shipley’s Blenheim comes out of England, they probably have the same bloodline. For simplicity’s sake, it is referred to as the Blenheim.

The Spanish explorers introduced the Blenheim apricots to California, where they were planted in the Spanish missions’ gardens. In 1792 the first major production of apricots was recorded. Following the Gold Rush, apricot trees became a popular commercial nursery staple. During World War I, the shipment of dried fruit from Europe became impossible, and the demand for California apricots grew. The Blenheim, preferred by California drying yards for their superior flavor, soon blanketed San Benito, Santa Clara and Alameda counties as well as parts of the Sacramento Valley.

Wind Swept Farms in San Benito County is one of the few orchards that still produces the Blenheim. It’s a rare (and Royal) treat.

Sundried, never dehydrated
At Wind Swept Farms, we dry each and every one of our apricots in the sun. They are never dehydrated. The natural rays bring out more of the fruit’s natural sweetness, and that’s what makes them taste so good!

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